Tuesday, June 3, 2008

schlocky asian horror movie, now on DVD

I'm pretty sure that if you were using the internet at any time during the month of December you would have seen this ridiculously beautiful trailer for The Machine Girl. It seems to tackle the typical themes of extreme Asian cinema including a desire for revenge like in the critically praised Old Boy and the "low budget be damned" approach to gory special effects like in the midnight B-movie classic Killer Snakes.

If my blog post about MadWorld is any indication, I'm a big fan of weapons for limbs. The film seems reminiscent of Robert Rodriguez's entry to last year's Grindhouse, Planet Terror. That is, without a shared $60 million budget with Quentin Tarantino which was used to digitally remove Rose McGowan's leg and add a machine gun to it in every shot. If it were truly a "grindhouse" experience, it would look a lot clumsier. That is unless the point of the film was to take low budget plot and honor it with cutting edge special effects. If the trailer is any indication The Machine Girl should have the same over the top violence, except with less CG and more rubber prosthetics and hoses for gore.

Today the film was quietly released on DVD and is being sold at the fairly reasonable price of $12.99 at Target and Best Buy locations, and I heard on imdb that its $11.99 at Walmart. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the audience for this would just snag it off of BitTorrent but then again I paid upwards of thirteen bucks to see Teeth at an indie playhouse in NYC and I only saw that movie just for the novelty of its obscure premise. I have certainly done worse before.
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