Thursday, May 15, 2008

MadWorld looks beautifully distasteful

The trailer for this game leaked onto video sharing websites a couple of days ago but was removed fairly quickly by SEGA's request. Now that the four game contract with Platinum Games has been officially unveiled the trailer is now here to stay on the world of YouTube. The team is composed mostly of former staff members of Capcom's Clover Studio which created Okami on the PS2 and more recently Wii as well as the Viewtiful Joe series and God Hand.

The game apparently follows a man with a chainsaw for an arm who is caught up in a twisted game show. Over the top violence, an obnoxious TV announcer and some level of hilarity will ensue. The plot seems reminiscent of the first Manhunt game and the visual style and humor seems to be a mix of No More Heroes and Sin City (probably more along the lines of the film, Renaissance, but that's barely worth mentioning) and I believe one of the writers of Killer7 is working on the plot of the game too.

The game is due out in the first quarter of '09 (around the same time No More Heroes came out) and will be out on the Wii. Here's hoping it will deliver better chainsaw thrills than the port of the already underwhelming Scarface game...

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