Saturday, May 24, 2008

These Mario stages play music!

The Apple Store has my laptop at the moment and it just doesn't seem right to blog on any other computer so I'll keep this one fairly short, I've just seen Indiana Jones and Forgetting Sarah Marshall in theaters. Expect a more elaborate post on that whenever my laptop comes back from the land of Apple. My laptop started to make a scary mechanical jingling noise over from the fan but it would not make the sound when the laptop was off (but it would in sleep mode), they've had it for the last couple of days now.

I've seen a fair bit of movies from my library too. So in the meantime I'll post this really cool custom level of Super Mario World that syncs to some pretty sweet music. I've seen a couple of ones in the past but none were of this length.

The Haruhi Suzumiya chime in the last video reminded me a bit of this slightly less impressive Mario level that I've seen about a year ago. Still fairly cool.

UPDATE: I found one with lyrics...check it out

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