Wednesday, May 7, 2008

way old high school stuff

Looking through my old high school stuff is like looking through an old photo album. There are some things I'm proud of while there are other things I just don't understand why I did. Here are the videos I find "watchable" from high school. Its like looking into a deeper portrait of my soul...or something...

Don't Do PSP

This one, titled "Don't Do PSP" was my midterm for Multimedia Presentation class. I'm pretty pleased with it considering it was mostly improved and made in about an hour, and I also got to shoot on the playground that they didn't allow any high schoolers on, and that was fun. Probably the most interesting thing about this video to me is that I say the phrase Nintendo Revolution which was the codename for the Wii console. They announced the official name a few months after I made that video.

Chris Cookson
Belts Out a Facemelter

This was a rotoscope project. It was my first time rotoscoping so you can see I changed my style halfway through drawing it. I didn't really want to draw in my body so I went for a more kaleidoscope effect with it. Looked kind of cool.

Average Day in New Jersey

This was a project where I had to take a 30 second audio clip and animate over it. I had a friend of mine figure out the lips while I created a situation around it. That same friend added in more blood fountains to the project. Was probably a good idea.

Some Old Guy Pelvic Thrusting

This was for a project where we had to animate someone dancing to one of four looping audio tracks. I couldn't really come up with any dance, so I just drew this old guy pelvic thrusting instead.

Dragonball Zebra Slash Brink 2

I didn't really have a whole lot to do with this movie. I animated the Zebra's run cycle within the first 10 seconds or so of the movie, and for the few seconds on screen its pretty rockin'. I'm not sure about the rest of this project but it has that kind of 10 year olds goofing around with their parent's movie camera charm to it, so its awfully hard to rag on this. I also learned how much I hate green screens from this too.
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