Sunday, May 25, 2008

so I got my laptop back

I just picked up my MacBook from the Apple Store and they said that "after running it through 24 hours of intensive testing that they found nothing wrong with it" but when I got it back the battery was only at 84% which means that they only ran it off the battery for about 20 minutes or so. This happened to me before with the Apple Store, two weeks before my laptop went into a total coma I went over to the Apple Store and they said it was "totally fine" then two weeks later I was taking notes during Art History class and then I got the spinning rainbow pinwheel of death for 20 minutes and was unable to turn off the computer without taking out the battery. Sure enough, after that I was really only able to back up my files by running the computer in safe mode and even then it couldn't handle more than 2 GB at a time without crashing.

That time I went in and they said it was only a "defective harddrive and battery" and replaced it a couple of days later. This would be a minor set-back if I didn't have to spend two hours on the subway a couple of weeks before finals to get my MacBook "repaired" (though they didn't actually fix anything). At least now when my MacBook inevitably explodes on me, I won't be wasting any valuable time...I think anyway.

UPDATE: It made the sound again after I used my laptop for only 40 minutes and I caught it on iMovie with my iSight camera (one of the many great features of my Mac :-/). I feel like kind of a jerk in the video but it gets the point across. I think its the sound of the fan hitting something...

UPDATE 2: They'll send me an empty box (filled with empty promises :P) and I'll get my beloved MacBook back come Friday. We'll see how this all pans out.
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