Friday, June 13, 2008

The best argument against Dewmocracy is a five minute conversation with the average Mountain Dew drinker.

Its not summer without a new spin-off flavor of Mountain Dew. I remember back in 2001 hoarding as much Mountain Dew: Code Red as the words "limited edition" made me fear the flavor's inevitable demise. Luckily the flavor returned the following summer as a permanent addition to the Mountain Dew family. 2003 marked the release of Mountain Dew Livewire which was Mountain Dew's answer to the caffeinated Sunkist orange soda, didn't really taste all that much different either they sort of brought this flavor back but only in 20oz bottles in select areas, sadly the NYC area is not one of them. Other subsequent limited edition flavors included Mountain Dew: Pitch Black which tasted like really bad cough medicine and Mountain Dew: Pitch Black II which tasted exactly the same, only this time with a "sour bite" covering up the hideous taste of the last one. While I don't exactly miss this flavor, I still have a few cans of Pitch Black II lying around. Apart from that they recently released the Game Fuel flavor to coincide with the release of the game Halo 3 which didn't really taste all that different than Code Red and infact did not really have that much more caffeine either, I still kind of dug it though. With the exception of the short lasting MDX energy drink experiment, I felt like limited edition Mountain Dew flavors were simply just a thing of the past...


Last winter the Pepsi company launched a new website called DEWMOCRACY!! The site would allow Mountain Dew drinkers to create a new Mountain Dew flavor based off of any color they could think of with an accompanying name. While my Battery Acid and Rusty Nail flavors were not accepted, this summer they just launched three new limited edition flavors, Revolution, Voltage and Supernova. With the titles being as non-descriptive as possible your Mountain Dew drinker was only trusting the Pepsi company to articulate the flavors based off of the colors they like, seems more like a dictatorship if you ask me. Onward to the flavors!

Mountain Dew: Voltage - The first flavor I'll mention is also the most popular one currently on the Dewmocracy website. Voltage tastes surprisingly close to the commercial failure Pepsi Blue flavor which consequently was resurrected in a Mountain Dew slurpee flavor. Or you can say it tastes like a blue non-diet version of that Fresca soda that is popular with the soccer moms across the country. Voltage is described elegantly on Wikipedia as "A blue colored raspberry-citrus and ginseng flavored Dew" which I suppose is about as accurate as the marketing material can describe. Its a decent flavor but I'm unsure as to how is winning on the online voting by such a large margin.

Mountain Dew: Revolution - this one is a "A translucent blue-colored, wild berry fruit and ginseng flavored Dew." All the new Dewmocracy flavors seem to be pushing the "ginseng" aspect of the flavor. While ginseng has not really been proven to actually give a surge of energy or anything, its been popular ever since Red Bull became a huge overpriced phenomena. This one tastes very similar to the Voltage flavor but is more of a subdued flavor, I couldn't really say it tasted like too much of anything, the sugary taste overrode any citrus-y flavor I could derive. This one is the weakest of the three flavors in my mind.

Mountain Dew: Supernova - This one is marginally my favorite, with a "A pink colored strawberry, melon, lime, and ginseng flavored Dew." To me, it tastes more like a grape soda riddled up with caffeine. Its kind of like a more refined version of the original Pitch Black flavor, and I don't mean that as a bad thing. I'm not really big on any of the flavors to be honest but this one would be my favorite I guess. I really can't see any of these flavors lasting more than a year when they inevitably pick the winner to grace store shelves. It might share the same fate as Mountain Dew Livewire if anything.


THERE ARE NOW MOUNTAIN DEW FLAVORED DORITOS TORTILLA CHIPS!! Its one of the flavors for the new Doritos Quest flavors that you can now find at your local gas stations and other trashy eateries. While I have not yet had the privilege to experience this flavor I can only imagine it tasting amazingly terrible. Kind of like the hamburger flavored Doritos from last year.
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