Thursday, November 19, 2009

busy, busy, busy (and some older Onion stuff)

it's getting towards the final few weeks at Pratt and the work load for the final exams are starting to pile up. Can't say the work hasn't been getting to me, but I'm trying my best to keep myself from going too crazy.

This is the Lighting and Rendering Project I've been working on, you can see the concept sketch for it in the last post I made here.

Likewise, I've been working on something really awesome for The Onion over the past few days, probably can't post it here yet but in the mean time, here are some of the other graphic things I've done for them...

This is the Twitter background I made for their page, it was originally a parody of the one CNN has but now it's a bit more subdued. Pretty slick.

Likewise this Twitter background is for an account relating to an iPhone application relating to a popular Onion News Network video and will be in use whenever the application gets approved for the iTunes store.

and this was made for a screenshot for the following Onion article over here. I'm quite fond of the logo I made for it...
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