Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm a Twit

I’m a Twitter addict. I didn’t think it was possible. I’m a few months away from a year using it and I’m already starting to spend more hours on it than Facebook. Granted, Facebook is slowly becoming what MySpace was back in 2005 and Twitter what the cleaner and more efficient Facebook was to that.

When my work forced me to join back in June as an excuse for me to check out some social networks, I dragged my feet into Twitter. I didn’t really see how it was that much different than the status updates on Facebook and none of my friends used it. I also didn’t understand how following an organization was any different than the hundreds of RSS feeds I have already tracked on Google Reader. Then I found out about the Twitter Search function and slowly eased my way into the site.

After finding a handful of friends and reading the live search for #Heroes every Monday using, I’m become increasingly reliant on the website. Its sort of like the mix between a chat room and a blog, except most of the chat posts are self-contained. While there are some Twitter users that post about mundane topics, when your message is limited to 140 characters its pretty easy to skip over the boring Tweets and read the feeds you directly care about.

With Twitter taking up most of my time, I’ve virtually ended my 4 and a half year addiction to StumbleUpon. I still check from time to time to see what links my friends have sent me, but by now I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything “good” StumbleUpon has to offer and I’m left mostly with pages crowded with stolen images and 4chan memes. At this point, I’m more interested in seeing what my friends on Twitter “re-tweet” than what the masses as a whole find “funny”.

My only issue with Twitter at the moment is that most of the Twitter clients make my MacBook Pro heat up very quickly. While I’m sure this would be unnoticeable on desktop, I really have to wonder how much processing power these clients use; my Laptop behaves better with Twhirl than it did with TweetDeck but it still gets pretty bad.

On a side note, I just got out of my Spring Break and am pretty ready to take on the other half of this current semester. I’ve gotten a pretty sizeable harddrive and finally the right software to edit those pesky .MTS files that Pratt’s HD cameras generate (Pratt doesn’t really have any program that can swiftly work with HD footage at the moment). Now I only need to see if my computer is fast enough to edit 720p footage. Also, I finished my rigging midterm today (due tomorrow) and played through Halo 3’s single-player campaign as well as about a third through The Simpsons Game, the latter of which is surprisingly good.

if you're on Twitter, make sure to add me. I won't bite...I think.

…and here are some videos I found on YouTube, you know, for good measure.

I've seen this one in Rigging class, I love it a lot.

and this intro for this new show on Revision3 (from former 1UP employees) is surprisingly catchy and well-done

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