Monday, December 8, 2008 Number Five is Alive

In amidst of all my animation finals (both are turning to be quite swell, expect to see them up in the next couple of weeks) I found some time to make use of my domain name I had for the past couple of years. Sadly my wait to get was trampled after the previous owner died of heart disease and their family sold the domain name to a sleazy link farm. So at the moment, unless I want to fork over eighty bucks to a third world country and get my domain back it will stay Besides I'm sure there are a few other more musically and commercially inclined Chris Cooksons that are facing the same dilemma. Looks like our other Chris Cookson friend backed the HD DVD format in the business room...big mistake. Funny, I also backed that same horse a few years ago in fanboy related forum debates...the future is in Digital Destribution anyway.

Anyway, check out my website...

you can also checkout my FeedBurner friendly version of this blog on the site. Not that it makes much of a difference
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