Friday, November 7, 2008

The happiest riot I've ever witnessed

Over the past couple of weeks I've never really had the time to sit back and really think about all the craziness I've been through over the past month. I haven't actually seen any movies apart from whatever shows up in my mailbox from Netflix or whatever I can find on the newly Mac compatible Watch Instantly feature, but I've still have an incredibly busy month. While my trip through the Greenwich Village Halloween parade was fun and rightfully chaotic (especially when joined by someone half-naked apart from a few Obama signs in our group) and my earlier visit to Blood Manor provided a shortly lived but fun, if not completely overpriced experience. However, the most memorable event in this past month wasn't even planned, it just kind of happened and it was a glorious moment I don't think I'll ever forget.

Throughout the election, I was on the edge of my seat. While Obama was always on top of the numbers, I was afraid that when the more conservative states votes started coming in McCain would slowly creep ahead in the race. After the knee-jerk second term election of Bush in 2004 my confidence in American voters was at an all time low. Pair this in with Obama playing an honest game while the republican party would send smears left and right at Obama (I mean, 12% of our country thought he was muslim apparently including my dad depressingly enough) I thought America would become confused and elect McCain president which would tragically put Sarah Palin an inch away from becoming president.

The news of Obama winning the 2008 election came out of nowhere to me. I remembered telling my mother on the phone that "I think Obama has this election" which was immediately followed by a reply of "Obama has this election" and the text "Obama wins the 2008 presidential election" flashing on NBC. Then immediately two minutes after reading the line the balconies in Willoughby erupted with whistling and chants that carried over to the apartment complex facing Willoughby hall and eventually over into the streets. It was all very surreal and the first time I've ever really seen non-sarcastic nationalism since the response to the 9/11 attacks. It even went as far as the point where people started to sign the National Anthem in Unison off of their balconies, this chaos lasted for about an hour and a half and was about as intense as three New Year's Celebrations at the same time.

All over Brooklyn I could hear cars honking and hear partying that sounded vaguely like wild animals over from the street. Apparently the roads and the sidewalks were blocked off with groups of people hugging and shaking each other's hands out until five in the morning. When cars would pass by, they'd let the car into the group prompting to shake the hand of the driver and getting them to honk their horn. Eventually the police came and ushered the people out of the street onto the sidewalks effectively ending their celebration though I still heard cries of Obama at 6 a.m. from my bed...and I had all the windows shut.

The image on the right I found from a quick search on Flickr for Myrtle avenue after Obama's win. While it was much more chaotic than this, its a pretty good idea of the magnitude of the event. Also remember this was at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday night still absolutely insane.

This is also the first post I'm putting up through Google Documents instead of from the embedded tools on Blogger, we'll see how this works.
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